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Customers rapidly adopted the concept due to its fashionable, take-with product. The value came from network of overseas contract factories. They produced unassembled furniture according to ''s specifications at a great price, and still maintained the high quality that consumers demanded. By sourcing directly and cutting out the middleman was able to keep costs down. By 1983 there were 13 stores in Canada and 36 stores in the United States. In late 1983, merged the United States and Canadian beautifulbedroom operations under Within one year, the operations turned a loss into a $500,000 profit. By 1986, profits hit $2 million. The focus and strategy were working. Sales and profits climbed and began replicating its retailing formula across the United States and Canada. In 1990, with over 200 stores, Tandy Brands changed the corporate name to The Company, The Look The style and tone of reflects a sophisticated look featuring classic and traditional furniture, as well as coordinating accessories and wall decor.

quickly migrated away from merely reproducing antiques and began designing its own proprietary beautifulbedroom home furnishings while remaining true to the roots of its traditional style. The result was a unique, fashion focused and desirable product line. Responding to customers'' requests beginning in the early 90''s, expanded into larger pieces of furniture. Staying beautifulbedroom current with customers'' needs and everyday lifestyle changes, now offers complete collections focused on the rooms that are most relevant to the customer---the home office, bedroom, dining room and family rooms. In the Fall of 1997, took an innovative step beautifulbedroom across the country with the introduction of an updated palm tree logo and the opening of new and/or renovated stores, reminiscent of turn-of-the-century mercantile buildings. The new look is much more in keeping with today''s retail environment and results in a more pleasurable beautifulbedroom shopping experience for our customers. In February 1998,

we have the furnishings that are right for your bathroom